Repair/PM of ABB drives

What we can do for your ABB converters

741 solutions offers in-house testing and repair of small drives and large drive modules in the ABB ACS600 ,ACS800, and ACS880 families.

We also offer a repair/exchange solution for standard ACS800 modules which are very time sensitive or have suffered severe damage.

741 solutions is not  a part of, nor affiliated with, Asea Brown Boveri Ltd., or any of its subsidiaries, and does not carry an authorized designation by ABB.   It is a third party which applies its broad power electronics experience to provide efficient maintenance of products spanning the ACH550, ACS600, ACS800, and ACS880 series.

Q:  “What value can 741 solutions provide if it is not an authorized ABB repair center ?”
A:   A lot !

Our repair center operates under its own Quality Program.
Throughout 2020, this program helped our team to limit its warranty repair rate to 1.7%.  Our target is to end 2021 with a warranty return rate below 1%.

Our PES team is passionate about its work, and therefore highly productive.  This is why the most common high-power ACS800 modules are turned around through our repair center in as little as 1 week, and why we can easily scale our volume to keep up with peak demands by our customers.

Obsessive testing and QC. Our technicians can root out 98% of ACS800 problems directly and quickly, but they will spend the time and full-load testing required to root out that remaining 2%. When we encounter a new type of fault, our diagnostic and repair processes are amended as needed.

Before, during, and after the process, our customers get prompt answers and helpful assistance from a caring team of professionals.

We understand that critical equipment is critical to our customers’ operations.  741 solutions is invested in their success and its goal remains to get these assets back into operation promptly, and to ensure that their operation is as reliable as possible.

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    Repairs for Oil & Gas Energy systems

    741 solutions understands the unique needs of onshore and offshore operations in drilling and production of oil and gas.  For those customers, we are not merely a repair center, but also a maintenance partner.  Our work may start during the initial troubleshooting efforts out on location, and it does not stop until the repaired equipment is successfully returned and restored to full duty.

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    Repairs for Wind and Solar Energy systems

    Brochure : Converter Repair focused on Renewable Energy systems

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    We stand behind the work performed in our repair center and we back it up with a depot repair warranty.  The minimum warranty term is 13 months, and longer warranty periods are available.  In the infrequent case of a unit returning with an RMA, it is given top priority through the entire process.

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    Gulf Coast and beyond

    Our great location in Houston, Texas, puts us within easy reach of not only the Permian basin, but also our users in the plants, ports, and shipyards of the coast.  Better yet, with the backing of great logistics partners, we routinely expedite equipment all across the US, Mexico, and even worldwide.

ABB is a registered trademark of Asea Brown Boveri, Ltd.