Variable-frequency Liquid-cooled eXtreme environment drives are made to work where many AC drives cannot.


VLX is meant for harsh places where air-cooling is simply not an option.  The base model features a power cabinet which can drive a motor load up to 1,150 bhp (858 kW)

The patented VL Framework is modular, and utilizes modular common assemblies.  This approach helps keep production times reasonable.

ABS or DNV certifications are available on a per-order basis

  • User Manual, Vol. I – User Guide, for V2.0 systems (2012 – 2015)
  • User Manual, Vol. I – User Guide, for V1.0 systems (2012 and earlier)
  • User Manual, Vol. II – NXP Multipurpose Application manual
  • User Manual, Vol. III – NXP Parameter Table for GEB22