AC Drive Systems

At 741 we engineer drive systems to derive maximum benefit from the least capital investment and the smallest footprint.    We do not expect our customer to be a  VFD or motor control expert.  We know he wants built-in reliability, compliance with applicable industry codes and standards and above all safety in the solution you purchase.  We’ll spend as much time as needed with plant managers, operators, and engineers to learn the specific motor environment and the underlying business necessities before proposing one or more customized solutions that are guaranteed to meet those needs.


In our high-performance series of VFD configured systems we will devise custom applications at the software level.  Using the VFD manufacturer’s codebase conforming to the IEC 61131 standard we can give you a nearly plug-and-play solution that requires minimum on site testing and re-configuration.

We supply the approved-for-construction plans, the equipment, the firmware, the required certifications and the operating and maintenance instructions.  Some applications most benefited by custom software are:

  • Drilling machinery
  • Compressors
  • Winches with Torque or Speed Control
  • Cable Tensioner systems
  • Large multi-motor machinery
  • Hoisting equipment

Why 741 ?

We offer custom engineered turn-key solutions to meet your specific needs whether it is one 200kw drive motor or a series of 2000kw motors .  Distributors can sell a VFD based on kW and voltage, and walk away after the transaction.   The 741 philosophy is to make an effective design, put the whole package together, supervise the installation, and guarantee the result will be to your satisfaction.  We sell the ideal fit for controlling almost any motor, from concept through commissioning, and on through its end of life.


We have a large inventory of spare parts and know-how for AC drives; we work with and service many brands of AC drives, including

ABB Drives  siemens-logo-2gry