ABB Inverter Repair


741 solutions offers in-house testing and repair of small drives and large drive modules in the ABB ACS600 and ACS800 families.
We also offer a competitive repair/exchange solution for standard ACS800 modules which have suffered severe damage.

Printed Circuit Boards

We stock the PCBs and related harnesses for many ACS800 units.  When clients are certain that a PCB is faulty in a larger unit, our technicians will energize and test only the boards as the first step


DC  Bus Capacitors

Electrolytic capacitors can degrade with shelf life.  Our testing staff recognizes this, and it is why series impedance is measured cell-by-cell when we disassemble a capacitor bank.  Cells whose impedance has risen past the manufacturer’s specified limit are disposed of.

Capacitor banks in the R8 are cumbersome and are not user-serviceable. 741 solutions keeps fresh pre-built capacitor banks in our inventory so as to expedite the replacement time needed for the entire bank of any given unit.


The IGBT is the heart of the Voltage-source Inverter (VSI), and is prone to increased failure rates under very high duty cycles of peak current, and/or hot operating ambient.

When IGBT modules fail in the ACS800, our standard remedy is to replace all IGBTs and snubber capacitors.  To minimize the turnaround time of this extensive repair and load testing process, a core exchange will always be offered to the client if an exchange unit is available at the time.

Occasionally, other subsystems (i.e. line filters, snubbers, wiring harnesses), in the ACS800 may succumb to physical damage or sporadic failure. Occasionally an unused inverter gets forgotten and left out in the elements, requiring a thorough cleaning, restoration, and testing.  Our service technicians are masterful at these miscellaneous aspects of servicing the ACS800.