SPARES for Power Conversion

To better serve our drilling and marine clients, 741 solutions maintains stock of common critical spares.  These are ready to dispatch same-day, and for peace of mind, power inverters that have been on the shelf for 6 months or longer will get a re-forming of their electrolytic capacitors just before they ship out.

===ACS800 Frame R8i===
64650343 : ACS800-104-0580-7+E205
68685192 : ACS800-104-0580-7+E205+V991
68685745 : ACS800-104-0580-7+C126+E205+V991   (NOV 10065574-001)
64794086 : ACS800-104-0580-7+C126+E205+Q950
68684935 : ACS800-104-0440-7+E205+V991
68685401 : ACS800-104-0440-7+C126+E205+V991
68685427 : ACS800-104-0440-7+C126+E205+Q950+V991

68606039 : ACS800-104LC-0700-7+E205+Q950

===ACS800 Frame R6===
3AUA0000064368 : ACS800-104-0060-7+Q967
68671043 : ACS800-U1-0070-7

===ACS800 Components===
64607901 : RDCU-02C Control Unit
3AUA0000036521P : RDCU-12C Control Unit
64606948 : RDCO-01 DDCS Comm module, 10Mbps
64606930 : RDCO-03 DDCS Comm module
64610805 : RTAC-01 Pulse Encoder Interface HTL
64669982 : APBU-44C Branching Unit, 4-channel

===NXP Inverter Modules, Frame Fi8 ===
NXI01006A0T0CSVA1AF : 100A 690V Inverter, Complete

===NXP Inverter Modules, Frame Fi9 ===
NXI02615A0T0ISGA1A2 : 261A 480V Inverter, Complete
PA026150T0ISG : 261A 480V Inverter, Power unit only

NXI02086A0T0ISGA1A2 : 208A 690V Inverter, Complete
PA020860T0ISG : 208A 690V Inverter, Power unit only

===NXP Inverter Modules, Frame Fi12 ===
NXI07305A0T0ISFA9A2 : 730A 480V Inverter, Complete

===NXP Inverter Modules, Frame Fi13 ===
NXI09206A0T0ISFA1A2 : 920A 690V Inverter, Complete
PA09206A0T0ISF : 920A 690V Inverter, Power Unit

NXI10306A0T0ISFA1A2 : 1030A 690V Inverter, Complete
PA10306A0T0ISF : 1030A 690V Inverter, Power Unit

NXI11806A0T0ISFA1A2 : 1180A 690V Inverter, Complete
PA11806A0T0ISF : 1180A 690V Inverter, Power Unit




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